Legal Costs


Are the charges (excluding disbursements) raised in respect of legal services rendered in order to give effect to a mandate received.


Are monies disbursed on a client’s behalf, and will include (but are not limited to) counsel’s fees, witness fees (including the charges of expert witnesses), travel expenses, sheriff’s charges, e-mail, revenue stamps, courier charges, photocopying faxing charges etc.

Postages and petties

Are costs such as, for example, postage stamps and the cost (disbursement, not fees) of phone calls, all of which in the nature of things cannot be monitored or identified with absolute accuracy. These costs will be raised as a separate globular amount on a fees account in addition to our fees from time to time.


I have a range of pricing models that I am happy to tailor for your specific requirements. It includes:

Billing Per Hour

The charges raised may be based on the following hourly rates (exclusive of Vat):

Magistrates Courts and Tribunals:
R1 500.00 – R3 000.00 per hour

High Courts / Labour Courts:
R3 000.00 – R4 000.00 per hour

Contingency Fee Agreements

Our law allows for contingency fee agreements. In the event of a “win”, the success fee to be charged may be up to twice the agreed upon normal fee, capped at a maximum of 25% of any monetary amount you are awarded or recover.  So if, for example, you are awarded R1m and the normal fee would amount to R100,000, you can be charged up to R200,000 (twice the normal fee).  But if the normal fee would be R150,000, you cannot be charged R300,000 (twice normal fee) but only up to R250,000 (25% of R1m).


I will charge you a fixed periodic fee (usually monthly) under either a global retainer covering all your legal work or a specific retainer covering identified aspects of the work.
The retainer fee may have carve-outs or exclusions. It is calculated to equate to the average value of the work over a long period, so as to smooth out the peaks and troughs and give you budgeting certainty. The retainer fee is reviewed regularly to ensure that it is pitched at a fair level in relation to the volume or work.

Litigation retainer

I charge a fixed monthly retainer during the preparation phase of the litigation (i.e. up to but not including the hearing). This is calculated by working out the likely total costs and spreading that out over the period that I estimate it is likely to take before the hearing occurs.

I then charge a separate fixed fee per day during the hearing itself. I do this because the work involved during a hearing is substantially greater and more intensely concentrated than during the preparation phase. This way, I protect you from paying for the most expensive aspect (the hearing) if I help you to achieve an earlier settlement.

Fixed and Capped Fees

I will quote and stick to a fixed fee for any transaction or other piece of legal work at your request. Alternatively, I will quote a capped fee which I will not exceed.

Fixed fee litigation

I charge a fixed fee for the litigation matter, which is payable regardless of the outcome. This may be attractive in cases where there is a high likelihood that they will “go all the way” (i.e. to a final hearing). It provides complete certainty as to cost.

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