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Raising the bar

I aim to provide information and discussion on all legal matters surrounding Employment Law.

  • Litigation

    Become a better lawyer - It was Oscar Wild who said – “I am so clever sometimes that I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying”.  Law is not always clear but lawyers have to be. The law is, in essence, a communications profession. Here are a few qualities that you should consider working on if you... Read More »
  • Employment Law

    Employment law - Do you need legal advice on an employment situation? Contact Clive Hendricks! Clive Hendricks act for both employees and employers, which means that he understand the practicalities of employment law from both sides. He will quickly find out what’s important to you to assist with achieving the best solution possible. Clive will assist you with Providing initial advice... Read More »
  • Inspiration

    The millionaire mind - I’ve read somewhere that the transition to building wealth starts with developing the millionaire mind. Adopting mental attitudes that facilitate wealth is apparently at the core of this transformation. Concrete information about changing your psychological approach to wealth creation is however not easy to find. I did however find that the following fairly simple rules... Read More »